Novaped Business Insoles

Novaped Business Insoles


Pre-fabricated insoles with arch support. Thin and comfortable insoles that fit well in any pair of shoes.

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Novaped Running Insoles

Insole-Technology for your sport shoe. Novaped Sport insoles redistribute inadvertent stress peaks and serve as optimal interface between foot and sport shoes.

Novaped Business Insoles

Even at work, a heavy load is placed on our feet every day. To prevent overload damage or reduce already existing complaints, business insoles were developed. With their shape and their very small design height, they are adapted to current shoe fashion. Thus, business shoes and insoles can form an optimally functioning unit.

Exos Reformable Insoles

The Exos™ Reformable Off-the-Shelf Orthotics are rigid, functional orthotics that provide stabilization of the foot to help accommodate for a variety of indications. The patented Exos™ carbon nano-tube technology is a lightweight, low temperature thermoformable material allowing for quick, easy adjustments. It’s easy to form and bend to any curvature for deep heel cups and unusual arch shapes. The Exos™ Reformable Orthotics fit easily into shoes to evenly distribute weight and realign the foot to help relieve pain with a customized rigid support.