Proprioceptive Insoles

Proprioceptive Insoles


Proprioceptive insoles for gait correction. Custom-made to individual’s feet. Call to order.

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The concept of enhanced neuromuscular control in footwear was first introduced by the advance in minimal footwear.  However, despite these great features and hypotheses in minimal footwear, one thing that is still lacking in minimal footwear is the stimulation or utilization of all possible proprioceptive input to the feet.

The Power of Plantar Proprioceptors  

The skin on the bottom of the foot has very unique proprioceptors which are sensitive to different stimulation. This stimulation includes vibration, light touch, deep pressure, texture and skin stretch. Important stimuli that is necessary for the control of dynamic movement is sensed by haptic or touch receptors in the feet - this stimuli is texture. Texture and the ability to sense rough vs. smooth is also used in the control of dynamic posture, shifts in center of gravity and joint position sense.

A 2016 study by Steinberg et al. found that textured insoles in ballet dance shoes enhanced the rate of ankle joint position sense.  This translated to enhanced movement accuracy and faster rates of stabilization in the dancers.   This research supports and opens up the opportunity for the application of proprioceptives insoles in athletic performance and injury prevention during sports.

A 2014 study by Clark et al. found that textured insoles decreased prefrontal activity during gait which translated to enhanced automaticity of gait.   As we age the less subconscious our gait becomes which greatly contributes to fall risk.   This research unlocks the potential of proprioceptive Insoles in reducing falls and enhancing balance in seniors or those suffering from post-stroke, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis + more.

Who can benefit from Proprioceptive insoles?

Feeling the ground beneath the feet increases foot nerve stimulation which leads to overall higher neuro-activation. Kids' (like adult’s) receive information about the surfaces they walk on. The sole of the foot is rich in nerve endings which are designed to send sensory information to the brain. This information is then used to prepare accurate muscle responses.

Sensory stimulation of the feet is important throughout one's life, however early childhood is a particularly crucial period for stimulation due to it being a peak window of neuro-plasticity, or a period of neuro-development. About 90 percent of the brain develops during the first six years of life. It's during this period that a child's neural pathways form and change in response to stimuli, including that from the foot. Proprioceptive insoles are also highly recommended for people with Celebral Palsy or neuro-muscular disorder.

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