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Actiflex Ladies lace-up is comfort shoes for ladies. Made with high quality stretchable outer material fashioned from a textile-leather combination. It adapts optimally to the shape of the foot. High quality leather lining in the rear foot area confers a feeling of well-being. The material is skinfriendly, so direct skin contact has no negative effects.

Sizing Chart

Size Foot Length Ball Width (around metatarsal)
3 23.231cm 8.04
3.5 23.654cm 8.16cm
4 24.077cm 8.28cm
4.5 24.500cm 8.40cm
5 24.923cm 8.52cm
5.5 25.346cm 8.64cm
6 25.769cm 8.76cm
6.5 26.192cm 8.88cm
7 26.615cm 9.00cm
7.5 27.038cm 9.12cm
8 27.641cm 9.24cm
8.5 27.884cm 9.36cm
9 28.307cm 9.48cm