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We treat bone fractures, sport injuries such as ligament tears and neuromuscular disorders, and body pains from neck to knee to toe. With more than 20+ years of experience, we guarantee quality

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The World's Only Dynamic Scoliosis Brace.

Spinecor brace, the only dynamic soft brace which not only correct scoliosis curves with more than 70% success rate but provide pain relief and permanent good postural balance. Easily hidden under clothing. Now you can treat scoliosis without having to suffer from heat, rigidity and low self-esteem. Motion is life with Spinecor brace. Spinecor brace is definitely a preferred unique treatment besides surgery or plastic rigid brace.



Treats footdrop without shoes

WalkAide is a revolutionary FDA cleared medical device that leverages functional electrical stimulation (FES) to improve walking ability of people living with foot drop. The WalkAide is also utilized as a neuro rehabilitation tool by clinicians

 Foot Solutions

Dr Comfort and Schein manufacture footwear with the purpose of helping people remain active. Our shoes are primarily available through healthcare providers who specialise in foot health. Proper footwear can help prevent more serious complications for those at risk. Dr Comfort and Schein shoes also provide the quality, comfort and style anyone looking for a great pair of shoes will love. Nobody beats our comfort. Healthier, happier feet start here.

 Reliable Brands


Dr. Comfort

Dr Comfort provides medical shoes that treat an assortment of foot conditions, such as diabetes, bunions etc.


Schein prides itself on providing comfortable footwear for people of all ages, especially children

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